We Love Book Groups

Here at Folio Books we love book groups. So much so that we offer a 10% discount anytime you and your book group decide to order 5 or more copies of the same title. This doesn’t mean one person needs to buy all the copies of your next group’s title at once. It is super easy — just follow these simple steps:

1. Call, email or come in the store and check if the title you are reading is available to order.

2. Order the number of copies you anticipate needed (5 or more) and give us your phone number, name, and the name of your book group.

3. When we call you to let you know that your books have arrived let the rest of your book group know. You can all come in individually to pick up your books and take advantage of the %10 discount.

Yup, it is just that easy.

Does your group need a place to meet? Folio Books can happily host book group meetings with advance notice. Email media(at) to reserve a spot on our calendar. Our mezzanine level table can host book groups of 8 or less.