Got used books?

Here at Folio Books we deal exclusively in new books. But we understand that often once you read a book you are ready to get it out of your house to make room for MORE books! And we fully support that sentiment. So, what should you do with all those pesky used books taking up precious space? We have suggestions!

1. Do you have a box of books or just a title or two?

If you have a box of books and you don’t want $$ we recommend donating them to the Friends of the San Francisco Library.

If you only have a few books then we recommend walking across the street and trading them out for different titles at the brand new Noe Valley Book Exchange, which is across the street from Folio Books. The Noe Valley Book Exchange is a brand new Noe Valley neighborhood volunteer project in the tradition of Little Free Libraries. It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories.

Noe Valley resident and Folio Books bookseller Beatrice Von Schulthess had this to say about the Noe Valley Book Exchange, a project she is currently a volunteer curator for —

“I see the book exchange as another way to create community and share resources. I know I have quite a few books at home that I want to share with someone rather than them just sitting in my basement. It’s especially a wonderful way for families to pass on books to other families with younger children. The news rack boxes were just sitting there empty and this seemed like a great way to put them to good use.”

2. Is is a children’s book?

If the answer is yes then you can donate it to the Children’s Book Project. We have a donation bag located right here at the store.

3. Do you want to get $$ or store credit for these books?

If so, we recommend taking them to nearby used bookstores. Some of our favorites are Alley Cat Books, Dog Eared Books, Aardvark Books, and Green Apple Books.