Support Little Brothers – Friends of The Elderly With A Spring Flower

“We offer to people of goodwill the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and the celebration of life.”  

For the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wonderful San Francisco organization dedicated to relieving isolation and loneliness among our city’s elderly.  Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly is a volunteer-based non-profit (not religiously affiliated) that provides home visits and social outings for elders who live alone.  On April 4th, volunteers will be making home visits to the elders in celebration of Spring, bringing food, an hour or two of companionship, and, as always, a rose.  The roses set the tone for these visits, which are all about offering friendship to nourish the soul.

I’ve helped set up for some of these visiting days.  Dozens of long-stemmed roses of all colors are brought in, and individually wrapped in cellophane.  The volunteers each pick up a rose, a bag of treats, and a map to an elder’s home, and fan out across the city.  For me it’s always such a privilege to be warmly welcomed into a stranger’s home, and to hear firsthand about a long life.

This April 4th I’ll be at Tahoe with my own personal elder, my mom, Audrey, but I want to contribute to the visits.  Maybe you’ll join me!  Starting March 15th, we’ll have an information table with a donation jar set up in the store.  One dollar equals one rose for an elder.  My husband John and I will personally match all donations.

For more information on Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly, including how to volunteer and how to refer an elder, please take a look at their website or visit their Facebook page.