Thursday | September 27| 7PM
Mary Jo McConahay | The Tango War: The Struggle for the Hearts, Minds and Riches of Latin America During WWII










Join New York Times bestselling author and journalist Mary Jo McConahay for this thrilling piece of often untold WWII history. In the 1930s, both the Allies and the Axis were well aware of the need to control not just the hearts and minds but also resources of Latin America. The fight was often dirty, with rival spy networks shadowing one another across the continent. Don’t miss it!


Monday | October 1 | 7PM
Odd Mondays | Kirstin Chen, Rebecca Winterer & Genanne Walsh | Exotic Locales: China, Australia & The American Midwest


Revel in how the world, in its infinite variety, becomes a far more intimate place with these three novels: Kirstin Chen’s Bury What We Cannot Take, Rebecca Winterer’s The Singing Ship, and Genanne Walsh’s Twister.


Thursday | October 4 | 7PM
Chris Feliciano Arnold | The Third Bank of the River: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon

Travel with journalist Chris Feliciano Arnold on an incredible journey bookended by the 2014 World Cup as he witnesses firsthand, how developing the Amazon rainforest costs human lives.


Wednesday | October 10 | 7PM
Mary McNear | Book Launch | The Secrets We Carried

Quinn LaPointe returns to idyllic Butternut Lake ten years after a high school tragedy to find that everyone has a secret. Uncovering them proves the key to her future but finding home again will mean facing the hardest parts of her past. Join us in a special homecoming as we celebrate Mary McNear’s latest novel!


Friday | October 12 | 6:30PM
Victoria Sanchez | Story Hour | Pilar’s Worries

Pilar loves to dance. She pliés while brushing her teeth and leaps when hurrying to ballet class. But when tryouts for her favorite ballet are held, Pilar is anxious. Join our friend Victoria Sanchez as she shares her debut picture book about overcoming anxiety!


Monday | October 15 | 7PM
Odd Mondays | R. Ruth Linden, Barbara Ridley & Hilary Zaid | Surviving the Holocaust


Ruth Linden of Making Stories, Making Selves: Feminist reflections on the Holocaust, Barbara Ridley of When It’s Over, and Hilary Zaid of Paper Is White discuss how the human mind, body, and spirit, endure. Don’t miss it.


Friday | October 19 | 6PM
Bookworms | The House That Lou Built with Mae Respicio

Our club (and pizza party!) for readers 8-12 gathers the third Friday of every month. Celebrate Mae Respicio’s heartwarming debut about 13-year-old Lou Bulosan-Nelson, who tries to build a tiny, 100-square-foot house to escape her lovable but large family. How will it turn out? RSVP required here!


Monday | October 29 | 7PM
Odd Mondays | Mary Jo McConahay, Susanne Jonas & Trebor Healey | Central America: Why the Surge in Asylum Seekers?


Authors Mary Jo McConahay, Susanne Jonas, and Trebor Healey, come together in an extraordinary evening to explore why this part of the world should be on all our minds.