Monday | August 27 | 7 pm
Odd Mondays | Celebrating 17 Years

Although Judith Levy-Sender and Ramon Sender are retiring as organizers of the Odd Mondays community reading series, the series will continue under the stewardship of Rick May, who will be toasting Judy and Ramon as they discuss the history of Odd Mondays and read from their own work. Come join the celebration!


Sunday | September 9 | 11 am
Picture Book Launch Party! | Jim Averbeck | Trevor

What happens when a yellow canary tries to make friends with a lemon? Succumb to the undeniable power of friendship with the launch of our dear Folio friend and A Word for Sophia author Jim Averbeck‘s new picture book!


Monday | September 17 | 7 pm
Odd Mondays | Cara Black, Wilfredo Pascual & Eveline Landau Kanes | Writing with a Sense of Place


Join Odd Mondays’s new organizer Rick May, as he welcomes mystery tour-de-force Cara Black, the singular essayist Wilfredo Pascual, and the incomparable poet Eveline Landau Kanes about the impact of place on their work.


Friday | September 21 | 6 pm
Bookworms | Love, Penelope with Joanne Rocklin

Our club (and pizza party!) for readers 8-12 gathers the third Friday of every month. If you love the Golden State Warriors, Oakland, or…your parents!, you won’t want to miss Joanne Rocklin‘s heartwarming new story. RSVP required here.


Thursday | September 27| 7 pm
Mary Jo McConahay | The Tango War: The Struggle for the Hearts, Minds and Riches of Latin America During WWII










Join New York Times bestselling author and journalist Mary Jo McConahay for this thrilling piece of often untold WWII history. In the 1930s, both the Allies and the Axis were well aware of the need to control not just the hearts and minds but also resources of Latin America. The fight was often dirty, with rival spy networks shadowing one another across the continent. Don’t miss it!