Get your audiobooks through Folio Books

We now offer audiobooks to our loyal customers who don’t like to read while they drive.

Through a partnership with, audiobook fans can now choose from over 90,000 titles from every genre. You buy the audiobooks through our page on the website and listen to them on the app.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Create an account – go to and click the Create Account button. When you buy audiobooks from, we’ll get credit for the sale.
  2. Download the listening app for iOS or Android and login with your Account’s email and password.
  3. Select Books – Go back to and choose books. You can buy one at a time or get a monthly subscription.
  4. Listen – Your books will appear on your app when you login.

Here’s the deal with the monthly subscription option:

  • First month’s book is $0.99
  • Choose one book per month for $14.95.
  • Get 30% off additional books.
  • Quit any time! (You keep the books you’ve bought.)
  • If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still buy audiobooks at full price any time.  And there’s also a rotating list of sale books, with some great prices on select current titles.

We’re very excited about partnering with to give people a great deal on some fantastic audiobooks. Please check it out.

P.S.  If you set up an account with on or before April 28th (Independent Bookstore Day), you’ll receive an email that day with instructions for redeeming 5 free audiobooks selected by