Curbside Pickup Week One Report

Our first week of curbside pickup has wrapped up. It was one crazy ride! Navigating a new way of doing business has kept us on our toes and learning on our feet (and yes, it’s hard to do those at the same time). A big thank you to everyone who placed an order, sent a note of support, or knocked on the window and waved. The reconnection did us good.

From here on out, the top half of our adorable Dutch door will be open from 2 to 6 p.m. every day, and it will also be possible to pay at the door. The city is strongly encouraging us to do as much business as possible using preorder/prepay, so whenever possible that’s still the preference. Details on how to order here.

We’ve been bringing our staff back carefully as we develop procedures that comply with both curbside pickup regulations and workplace protocols for cleaning and social distancing. This week both Andrew McIntyre and David Jones are joining our manager, Paul Laffoon, who’s been holding the fort down by himself. It’s a true homecoming.

We know that there are many difficulties ahead. We know that even though right now the glass feels half full, it’s still more than half empty. We are thankful to have kept our staff on payroll but realize that getting to where we’re doing breakeven business will be difficult with a curbside pickup model. We hope that this small opening up of our economy does not prove to be premature. We hope that we will all have the discipline to stay the course and do the things we need to keep ourselves and each other safe.

With all cautions duly acknowledged, feeling energized and optimistic sure is great!