• Eileen

Originally from New Jersey, Eileen moved to San Francisco to study English Literature at USF. When she’s not busy reading or studying to become a teacher (and showing Flat Stanley around the Bay)  Eileen spends most of her time either designing and building furniture with her dad or hunting through the Bay Area’s endless supply of thrift stores (and eBay!) for antiques and interesting vintage clothes. Her favorite children’s book characters include Anne of Green Gables, Amelia from “Amelia’s Notebook,” and Eloise. As an adult she mostly reads contemporary short stories and essays by authors like David Sedaris, Jo Ann Beard, Joan Didion, and Mary Gaitskill. But, she has a special love for the Gothic and Decadent periods and encourages readers to check out Frankenstein and The Last Man by Mary Shelley, Dracula by Bram Stoker and most especially, the long forgotten but incredible French aesthete named Rachilde who wrote Eileen’s favorite book, Monsieur Venus.