UPDATE: Curbside continues, no browsing yet

UPDATE: Curbside continues, no browsing yet

A huge societal shift has occurred since our last newsletter. As a result, we have a couple of hundred special orders in our system for books that speak to the pervasive racial problems that continue to undermine our society. The demand for these titles is like nothing I’ve seen during my years of bookselling. It speaks to a collective determination that I hope we will follow through on. May these books be small seeds that take root throughout our community in the months ahead. 

So many orders are still in our system because the publishing industry is struggling to meet this huge demand during a time when there are already pandemic-related challenges. If you have such a book on order with us, we ask your patience for another couple of weeks so that everyone along the supply chain can work safely while getting it to you.

Now on to store specifics. As of this week we are allowed to start limited indoor shopping. We’ve decided to take a bit more time, a matter of a couple of weeks, to prepare our tiny store for safe browsing opportunities while continuing pickup options. As always, the health and safety of staff are the first concern, and the health and safety of our customers follows closely behind.

In the meantime, our open hours have expanded to 12pm to 6pm daily.  Sometimes we’re open a little earlier or later – if the top of the Dutch door is open, that’s the signal that we’re ready and waiting. Payment at the door is now simple with a credit card terminal that shouldn’t require touching. We also encourage you to stop by for “takeout” – we’ll pull some books for you to choose between or make suggestions on the spot.

We’ve come to realize that we’re in for a long haul. What can we do besides find the next new normal to act as a stepping stone into the unknown? We are glad to be on the journey with you, and we hope there are things we can do for you along the way.

P.S. Check out some reading lists!